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Ere Editions aims to publish, in modern critical editions, interesting but lesser known 18th and 19th century music for which no modern edition, or no good modern edition is currently available.

The music is carefully edited from early prints and/or manuscripts. Unnecessary modernization of the notation has been avoided, and editorial interventions are kept to a minimum. A preface and an editorial report, describing the sources and the editorial methods chosen, are always included. All editorial changes or additions that have been deemed necessary are either typographically differentiated, or mentioned in the critical report.

The layout of the editions is optimized for performers’ practical use, aiming at a clear visual appearance and optimal readability of the printed page. The utmost care has been taken to always ensure convenient page turns for every player, also for the keyboard player playing from the score.

Publications by Ere Editions

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Adagio, Variazionen und Rondo op. 78
for piano, flute (or violin) and cello
EE 001  (in preparation)

Carl Czerny: Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser! (Grosse Variationen über Joseph Haydns Nationalgesang) op. 73
for piano and string quartet
EE 002  (in preparation)

Ferdinand Ries: Sextet in G minor op. 142
for piano, harp, clarinet, horn, bassoon and double bass
(or two pianos, clarinet, horn, bassoon and double bass) (1814)
(First edition in score)
EE 003  score and parts  30 €   See sample pages

A major work in the early Romantic harp chamber music repertory, featuring the unusual combination of piano and harp with other instruments. The work exists in two original versions by the composer, which differ in the instrumentation of the accompanying ensemble. The sextet version has three wind instruments (clarinet, horn and bassoon) with a double bass, while the quintet version has a string trio. Up until now, any performances have had to be played using the rather faulty parts of the first edition; this first modern edition corrects the errors, and both versions are now published in score for the first time.

Ferdinand Ries: Quintet in G minor op. 142
for piano, harp, violin, viola and violoncello
(or two pianos, violin, viola and violoncello) (1814)
(First edition in score)
EE 004  score and parts  30 €   See sample pages

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